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Christian and Bronwyn with Souma-San and her friends

Budou with Buddha: A Murakami Interlude

Well, it’s been a few days.  When Bronwyn posted the last post, we were set up behind the Atsumi michi-no-eki; Bronwyn wrote the blog post on my hips as I was lying on my side half-asleep in the tent.   We made an early start and locked in 33 km to Sasagawanagale: it wins the award […]

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A Quick Konnichiwa Catch-up, and oh yeah, the Emperor of Japan waved at us today.

When we originally started this blog, we figured we’d probably be able to update it every couple of days or even every day with little anecdotes and videos and pictures. You’d feel like you were right here with us, feeling what we feel, smelling what we smell….Unfortunately, we have not yet lived up to our […]

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Island Hopping to Honshu

The days have blended somewhere in between our last post about Shikabe and the peninsular whip-around that brought us into Hakodate. For the sake of demonstration (and so I’ll remember all the stops), I’ve been logging our trip stops on this page so that you can follow the journey. We camped outside a michi-no-eki one […]

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YOU wa nani shi ni Nippon e?

Setting out from Mori was difficult – not because of any inclement weather or mechanical problems, but because we were just so fond of the place. As we broke down camp in Oniushi Park behind the michi-no-eki, we realized that we had spent nearly 24 hours in the park without ever leaving the grounds. We did […]

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Typhoon Survival 101

So it’s been two days since our last update and yes, we are still biking and yes, we survived the typhoon that hit Japan! If you weren’t already worrying about us after hearing about it on the news, Typhoon Lion Rock (or Typhoon 10 as the Japanese have called it because it is the record […]

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Check-in from the Michi-no-Eki in Hokkaido

While it will probably be another couple of days before we get our photos and videos organized and uploaded, here’s a really quick update from the Toyoura roadside station to hold you over. We’ve had a fun-filled three days of literal ups and downs through mountain passes in Hokkaido and there’s lots to share! Some […]

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Lakes, Oceans, Hot Springs

After leaving Rob in Chitose, Bronwyn and I had enjoyed a fantastic ride along the 25km dedicated bike path that brought us to Shikotsuko -a beautiful clear freshwater lake – where we set up to camp for our first night away from the comforts of indoor living. This was really what the trip was meant […]

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Arrival in Chitose, Japan

After a total of 21 hours in transit on EVA Air, we were amazed to be in Chitose airport at long last.  The journey was surprisingly a lot comfier than expected; we  got fed two delicious Hindu meals, watched the new Jungle Book movie, and even managed to sleep on and off for the majority […]

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Getting there the long way…

So it’s happening. We’re here. The time has come. Bronwyn and I have said our goodbyes to family and wait to board our flight to Taipei. From there, we’ll be connecting to a flight to Chitose to begin the first of many amazing days! Our route is somewhat circuitous; when I describe the long way […]

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Pre-departure Post

After plotting, scheming and saving for two years, we are finally underway on the trip of a lifetime. We have left our jobs, our families and our friends behind to embark on a journey by bicycle. We have spent the last two months carefully packing, deliberating over every item and learning how to put together […]

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