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A quick check-in on our way to Europe

We’ve seen Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia and it’s time to head back into the Northern Hemisphere… to Europe. Here’s a quick video reflecting on what we’ve learned now that we’re more than halfway through this year of travel.   Just a quick check-in!

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Surf’s Up at Te Paki

A quick note before today’s post: Just after midnight on November 14th, the town of Kaikoura in South Island experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. While the intensity was significantly higher than the 6.3-level earthquake that rocked Christchurch in 2011, thankfully the distance from the epicentre meant that there were fewer injuries and less damage than the […]

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Quick Shikoku Update and a Milestone!

That’s 2000 kilometers of beard on that face.

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Hitting the road: The Northern Sea Circuit

If you didn’t know us very well – if you didn’t know our plans or intentions for this trip, or if you hadn’t heard us explain why we’ve left the comforts of familiar Canada, or what we were hoping to gain by exploring the tenets of restorative agriculture from the subcomfort of a bicycle – […]

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Arrival in Chitose, Japan

After a total of 21 hours in transit on EVA Air, we were amazed to be in Chitose airport at long last.  The journey was surprisingly a lot comfier than expected; we  got fed two delicious Hindu meals, watched the new Jungle Book movie, and even managed to sleep on and off for the majority […]

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