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Musician, teacher, traveller. Currently on a year-long journey around the world. Bronwyn is one of the founders of

Of Turquoise Beaches: The Coromandel

So the only thing that I knew about the Coromandel Peninsula before we arrived was that it was a coveted vacation spot for people entering radio contests. Three different radio stations had offered a weekend away in the Coromandel, and we weren’t even listening to the radio very often. I guess it does have an […]

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Te Rerenga Wahua

As promised, a post on Cape Reinga. After our gallivanting on the beach (and then both Facetiming our parents and filling up the van with fresh water), it was already 3pm by the time we set off north to Cape Reinga, the north tip of New Zealand and the main objective of our road trip. […]

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In New Zealand, “scenic” is an understatement.

The Northlands of New Zealand are consantly taking our breath away, and it has been a very different experience cruising through meadows and sheep farms and forests and along spectacular coastal routes and up high into mountain passes, all without worrying about road conditions or trucks or how long anything is going to take. Because […]

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Highlights from Shikoku

We spend three days biking from Takamatsu to Matsuyama (where our next ferry leaves) and are a little disappointed in the road conditions on the island that is supposed to be quiet and picturesque. We are heading through the industrial heartland where the big trucks go back and forth and it is harder going than […]

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Shodo Island

We couldn’t stay in Himeji forever, despite the great hospitality, and a couple weeks earlier (worried about making it all the way to Fukuoka in time), we had decided to ferry south to Shikoku, via Shodo Island, bike along the northern coast, and then take another ferry across to Kyushu (two of Japan’s smaller but […]

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Through the Heart of Kansai: Osaka

After a nice sleep in and taking advantage of late check out from the love hotel, we were off to Osaka. Attempting to navigate our way along bike paths and rivers, the route we found was mostly flat and off any major roads. Sometimes the bike paths would abruptly stop and we’d be back in […]

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Oh Me, Oh Mie, Oh My.

On our new friends’ recommendations, the next day from Hamatsu, we head to the little village of Nukumorinomori, which was based on the Miyazaki film “My Friend Totoro.” Unfortunately it was closed that day (our luck), but it was still fun to prance around and take some photos.   We then head to Laka Hamana, […]

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going

We have a lot to catch you up on! It seems like years ago and our memories of each detail are already fading so we are going to be brief and media-heavy with the next couple of posts. I’m sure you’ll be OK with that. So, we have cut south to the coast, we have […]

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Tsumura Farm Stay

When we planned this year-long, sort-of-around-the-world voyage, we wanted a big part of that to be connecting with people and learning about farming. Months and months ago, we purchased a Japan Wwoofing membership, and if you aren’t familiar with Wwoofing yet- you should be! We get pretty amusing looks when we tell people we are […]

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A Quick Konnichiwa Catch-up, and oh yeah, the Emperor of Japan waved at us today.

When we originally started this blog, we figured we’d probably be able to update it every couple of days or even every day with little anecdotes and videos and pictures. You’d feel like you were right here with us, feeling what we feel, smelling what we smell….Unfortunately, we have not yet lived up to our […]

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