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My Final Fortnight of Adventures

Although not technically part of the Only Amazing Days travels by bicycle series that we’ve been updating you on for the last eleven months (and if you’ve been reading that long: Thank you! It has been so great for us to be able to share our adventures with you!), I thought I’d write a post […]

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Non, je ne regrette rien…

As we mentioned in our last post, we arrived on a lovely sunny afternoon just as the clouds started to roll in and made our first stop at the Eiffel Tower for a photo op. And we did it with only some minor scrapes and scratches from our bikes, but there were no serious injuries […]

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Dog Days of the Mediterranean

After a week of touring through the Dordogne, it was time for a break off the bikes and a visit to the south to join the parents and the pooch. We had organized with Suzanne to leave our bikes with her because bikes (contrary to popular belief) are not allowed on trains in the southeast […]

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A Cycle Through Time: The Dordogne Valley

We had been looking forward to the Dordgone since the beginning of the trip. Acclaimed for it’s stunning scenery, quaint riverside villages and Medieval castles, we knew we would need to spend a bit more time here than just passing through on the bicycles would allow. So we gave ourselves a week to really see […]

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Terre et Toi: Adventures in Mud

Upon leaving the orchard on the estuary, we had planned on giving ourselves two days to make the 100 kilometre journey to our next wwoofing stop. Annie had been monitoring the weather on our behalf and we knew there was going to be a storm coming through; we just didn’t know if we would be […]

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From the River to the Ocean…

It seems to be the case that, on entering a city after being on the road for days, we constantly feel out of touch with reality and feel that we could just never belong in this world of commuters, people buying new clothes and laughing with friends on restaurant patios over bottles of wine. And […]

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Adventures in Nantes

On the day of our departure from L’Atelier des Bons Plants, we woke to sun, which was further heightened by the glow of our caravan’s orange walls. Nonetheless, it was with heavy hearts that we extricated ourselves from our den of blankets, packed up, had breakfast and left our new-found home. Theo and Loire had […]

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Back on the Road: Part 2, Arrivals

It was a gloriously bright, sunny day as we arrived in the port of Roscoff on the north coast of Brittany. We packed up our sleep supplies and waited for the cars to unload, pedalling right off onto French soil, with a quick stop at the customs booth and then a longer stop getting changed […]

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Back on the Road: Part 1, Departures

First off: apologies for how long it has been since the last blog post. The Britain chapter was lovely and restful and full of fun family catch-ups and long walks with Ray. We probably could’ve gone there a month later to continue in the vein of “a year of summer,” but remembering what the cold […]

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Adventures with the Elements in Canggu

The bustle and crazy traffic (there are ALWAYS traffic jams on these streets, no matter what time of day you choose to travel) is constant, all the way out of Kuta to Canggu. As soon as you start to see the rice paddies, you know you are close. I was longing for some peace and […]

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