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Middle school teacher on hiatus/budding permaculturalist currently cycling the world. Sometimes he acts in plays and film. Mostly he travels and blogs about it. Christian is one of the founders of

Himeji: Home to Friends and Fugu

Leaving Osaka, compared to the expectations we had about biking through the city to Kobe, was a breeze. The primary barrier was now people and not cars; the sidewalks were generally crowded with humans and we were trying to be considerate as we rode along the sidewalks. Getting to Kobe happened rather quickly. We stopped […]

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Making A Nara Escape

Did you know that Nara is considered a National Treasure to the Japanese? Rightly so: it’s full of ancient temples and palaces and was once the capital of Japan. Did you know that this “national treasure” status also makes it illegal to camp in the wild anywhere in the parks? Because we didn’t. OK, to […]

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The Ninja Road to Nara

We’re pretty behind on these posts! As anyone really in regular contact with us knows, we’re actually now in Fukuoka at the last stop of our trip! You can check out the detailed routes we took to get here by following me on Strava here. We’re trying to get caught up with the writing but […]

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Bike Crews and Mountain Views

Tatsuya had done some cycle touring himself and had a pretty good sense of the areas that would be ideal. We explained that we had been staying at michi-no-eki stops when it seemed appropriate and he mentioned that the Minobu township to the south had a nice stop. We set out for more biking. Another […]

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Quick Shikoku Update and a Milestone!

That’s 2000 kilometers of beard on that face.

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The Kindness of Strangers

After leaving the farm, we set our bearings to take us south. This marked a bit of a turning point for the trip – we had been heading along the Sea of Japan for most of the journey through Honshu and it was time to make our way south to see Fujisan. The trip out […]

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Niigata to Nagano – Cutting South

(Note: So this post was originally written weeks ago – even the details are old! I needed to get pictures sorted out and everything is made more difficult by working on an iPad. The good news: there’s lots more to talk about since this post and we’ll try to have it up soon since we’re […]

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Quick and Soggy Check-in

Remember that scene at the end of Shawshank Redemption? I won’t spoil it for you, but it involves a lot of rain.  This has to be a quick post because we haven’t had access to reliable wifi in a few days and I’m punching this in with my thumbs. There’s another blog post that I’ve […]

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Christian and Bronwyn with Souma-San and her friends

Budou with Buddha: A Murakami Interlude

Well, it’s been a few days.  When Bronwyn posted the last post, we were set up behind the Atsumi michi-no-eki; Bronwyn wrote the blog post on my hips as I was lying on my side half-asleep in the tent.   We made an early start and locked in 33 km to Sasagawanagale: it wins the award […]

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Island Hopping to Honshu

The days have blended somewhere in between our last post about Shikabe and the peninsular whip-around that brought us into Hakodate. For the sake of demonstration (and so I’ll remember all the stops), I’ve been logging our trip stops on this page so that you can follow the journey. We camped outside a michi-no-eki one […]

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