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Middle school teacher on hiatus/budding permaculturalist currently cycling the world. Sometimes he acts in plays and film. Mostly he travels and blogs about it. Christian is one of the founders of

The Finish Line

We gave ourselves eight days to get from Figeac to Paris. A mere eight days. And while it was just an arbitrary deadline in some ways, we felt that it was important to stick to our plan. I was scheduled to fly from Paris to Toronto on June 29th and we had a few things […]

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The Beginning of The End

This is the last stretch. The last real leg of this bike tour involves a planned eight-day ride north on the bikes to bring us into Paris, a place where we will officially end the trip together. Ray and I will fly to Ontario on June 29th; Bronwyn returns to the U.K. to spend some […]

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A Pilgrimage of Sorts…

If you’ve been following this story from the beginning, you’ll recall that we’ve done some stints off of the bikes to rest and recuperate. One of those breaks, you’ll remember, took place during a month in Indonesia. And a good stretch of that time was spent chilling out by the pool on the incomparable Gili […]

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The Orchard on the Estuary

A mostly peaceful (and sometimes painful) ride delivered us at long last to Saint-Bonnet-sur-Gironde, a small town just north of the orchard we were scheduled to make as our second WWOOFing stop in France. We sent a text message to our host Annie when had a sense of how long it was going to take […]

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The Velodyssey Odyssey… and Beyond

Friends, we’re getting close to the end of this trip. It’s weird and wonderful to look back on this year and consider all of the things we’ve seen and the friends we’ve made. I’m writing this post to talk about the kilometres that we’ve clocked along the west coast of France and what life has […]

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The Good Plant Workshop

It was tough leaving the Canal de Nantes à Brest. There’s something about that ride: long stretches of flat pathway, riparian scenery, forests and castles and cyclists. It was hard to make the decision to leave, but we knew that at some point we would have to upend the predictable traffic-free route and return to […]

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On Dit “Bonjour!” – Biking the Canal de Nantes à Brest

Equipped with the Matrix-level information download from Maxime that Bronwyn described in our last post, we set out to clock some serious kilometers on the epic Vélodyssey and see what we could see on our way towards Pontivy through historical Bretagne. Have we mentioned that it feels VERY Beauty and the Beast around here? Little town, […]

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On Being in England

While our last post probably made it look like we were done, there’s actually still quite a bit of travelling to come for this year of amazing days. Part of our delay in issuing a new post on the blog has been due to the fact that we’ve been spending some great family catch-up time […]

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A quick check-in on our way to Europe

We’ve seen Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia and it’s time to head back into the Northern Hemisphere… to Europe. Here’s a quick video reflecting on what we’ve learned now that we’re more than halfway through this year of travel.   Just a quick check-in!

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Come From Lombok

As seemingly-perfect as Gili Air was, we knew that there was still lots to see on our original Indonesian itinerary and we’d need to jump on a boat to see Lombok. Let me be perfectly clear about this: there were multiple discussions about just staying in one place, riding out the rest of our time […]

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