May 2017


The Velodyssey Odyssey… and Beyond

Friends, we’re getting close to the end of this trip. It’s weird and wonderful to look back on this year and consider all of the things we’ve seen and the friends we’ve made. I’m writing this post to talk about the kilometres that we’ve clocked along the west coast of France and what life has […]

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From the River to the Ocean…

It seems to be the case that, on entering a city after being on the road for days, we constantly feel out of touch with reality and feel that we could just never belong in this world of commuters, people buying new clothes and laughing with friends on restaurant patios over bottles of wine. And […]

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Adventures in Nantes

On the day of our departure from L’Atelier des Bons Plants, we woke to sun, which was further heightened by the glow of our caravan’s orange walls. Nonetheless, it was with heavy hearts that we extricated ourselves from our den of blankets, packed up, had breakfast and left our new-found home. Theo and Loire had […]

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The Good Plant Workshop

It was tough leaving the Canal de Nantes à Brest. There’s something about that ride: long stretches of flat pathway, riparian scenery, forests and castles and cyclists. It was hard to make the decision to leave, but we knew that at some point we would have to upend the predictable traffic-free route and return to […]

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On Dit “Bonjour!” – Biking the Canal de Nantes à Brest

Equipped with the Matrix-level information download from Maxime that Bronwyn described in our last post, we set out to clock some serious kilometers on the epic Vélodyssey and see what we could see on our way towards Pontivy through historical Bretagne. Have we mentioned that it feels VERY Beauty and the Beast around here? Little town, […]

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Back on the Road: Part 2, Arrivals

It was a gloriously bright, sunny day as we arrived in the port of Roscoff on the north coast of Brittany. We packed up our sleep supplies and waited for the cars to unload, pedalling right off onto French soil, with a quick stop at the customs booth and then a longer stop getting changed […]

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