A quick check-in on our way to Europe

March 18, 2017

We’ve seen Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia and it’s time to head back into the Northern Hemisphere… to Europe. Here’s a quick video reflecting on what we’ve learned now that we’re more than halfway through this year of travel.


Just a quick check-in!

Author: Christian

Middle school teacher on hiatus/budding permaculturalist currently cycling the world. Sometimes he acts in plays and film. Mostly he travels and blogs about it. Christian is one of the founders of onlyamazingdays.com

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  1. Comment by Patty

    Patty Reply March 18, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Well, I’m rather overwhelmed by you guys. You’ve experienced truly amazing days and I can’t believe it’s been seven months! Time flies when etc etc etc. While you do sound weary, it’s a good weary. Good on you both for checking off this giant bucket list trip. You’ll have it forever. Now you’re on to the next chapter, Brownyn with her folks again. They must be so excited you’re on your way. Jake had mentioned a plot of land. He shares this dream with you. Brownyn going to study. Reunion with your dog. And then there’s Europe. Woohoo. We’re going to be in France and Spain this year. We should hook up in either place. We’d love that. Arrive Cote d’ Azur mid-December for a few weeks, then off to stay in Barcelona for the winter. I hope you continue your onlyamazingdays. I feel like I’m traveling with you. Thank you for the wonderful ride. Love to you both.

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