March 2017


A quick check-in on our way to Europe

We’ve seen Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia and it’s time to head back into the Northern Hemisphere… to Europe. Here’s a quick video reflecting on what we’ve learned now that we’re more than halfway through this year of travel.   Just a quick check-in!

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Adventures with the Elements in Canggu

The bustle and crazy traffic (there are ALWAYS traffic jams on these streets, no matter what time of day you choose to travel) is constant, all the way out of Kuta to Canggu. As soon as you start to see the rice paddies, you know you are close. I was longing for some peace and […]

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Kuta Me Krazy

The journey there was an exhausting one, but we were back on Bali and right in the middle of the action. Kuta, Bali is the surfing and resort area directly north of the airport. When you look into staying in this area you have a choice of three very distinct spots: Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. […]

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Come From Lombok

As seemingly-perfect as Gili Air was, we knew that there was still lots to see on our original Indonesian itinerary and we’d need to jump on a boat to see Lombok. Let me be perfectly clear about this: there were multiple discussions about just staying in one place, riding out the rest of our time […]

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The Gili Air Fortnight

Spend a couple of days in your roadside bungalow on Nusa Lembongan and the motorbikes will work their way into your dreams. Don’t get me wrong: intrepid exploration through unfamiliar roads in Southeast Asia is best served on a moped, and there’s never been a day in my different adventures through this part of the […]

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Selamat Datang in Nusa Lembongan

The Indonesian language is very easy to pronounce but not as easy to remember. Selamat datang (which I remember using for my IPS humanities classes in our ritual good mornings greetings from around the world) is hello, terima kasih is thank you and sama sama is you’re welcome. Nusa means island. And get this: air […]

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