February 2017


Eat, Pray, Zoom

Ubud: I had imagined it as the land of prayer bowls ringing, smiling yogis wandering the quiet streets in peaceful dazes, delicious smells wafting from brightly-painted organic cafes: the eating and praying and loving conjured, and made so famous, by Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling novel which I read years ago and fell in love with. Everyone […]

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I Survived a Balinese Timeshare Sales Pitch and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

When most people say that they’re going to Bali, they mean Indonesia. But Bali is not Indonesia. It is and it’s not. And when most of these people say they’re going to Bali, they might mean that they’re going to visit Bali, one of the major island destinations in greater Indonesia. There are over seventeen […]

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Our Final Days in Oz

So the Great Barrier Reef blew our minds and really felt like the ultimate climax of our Australia leg, but it wasn’t over yet! We had to make it the 400km back to Brisbane, plus a couple of trips from the highway over to the coast to see the infamous beaches of the Sunshine Coast. […]

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The Surprises of the Great Barrier Reef

It’s hot in Australia. I’m writing this nearly two weeks after the fact, but if you’ve been paying attention to what’s happening in Australia right now, it’s bonkers. We had been sleeping in that camper van the whole way up the Australian east coast, hoping for some sea breeze to cool us off, but it’s […]

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Blue Mountains, Blue Beaches

Names of places in Australia are a lot more interesting than we’ve been able to illustrate so far, as we head from Blacktown to the Blue Mountains. There is a predominance (particularly in the cities) of place names from England, as well as names of the explorers, invaders and colonialists who took over the country, […]

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Australia in Heat: Landing in Sydney

A note to our readers: This post is part of a series about our two-week stopover in Australia during the year of amazing days. While these posts will cover our¬†wonderful time¬†for the sake of the travel chronicles, fans of our cycling adventure will be disappointed to learn that we didn’t reassemble our touring bikes for […]

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There and Back Again: The Journey to Middle Earth in a Rental Car

It is extraordinary what you can see in a rental car. We sped out of Queenstown north towards Wanaka with a vague idea that we wanted to see as many sites that Lord of the Rings had been filmed in, and possibly Mt. Cook and Milford Sound if we could make it. In three days, […]

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When the cold and the rain and the wind got the better of us…

The day before we left Riverton, it had been pouring all afternoon. It continued all night and the winds picked up so severely that I thought the roof of our little attic was going to blow off while we were sleeping. It didn’t, and we got through the night unscathed, but the wind was still […]

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