Hawke’s Bay Adventures: On the Trails

December 29, 2016

Hawkes Bay Cycle Trail

Merry Christmas (and now Happy New Year just about), and sorry for the major delay on blog posts! Wifi has been difficult to attain in the South Island and we are trying to catch up as best we can, so bear with us!

Beginning in Napier:

I write this to you all now as an engaged 31 year old! I’m sure you’ve hear the romantic tale and we are both just tickled. And now, in a mature and collected way, I will get on with it and try and catch you up on what we have been up to as a newly engaged couple. First things first, the best cycle trail in New Zealand.

The weather was impeccable, the day had started off right and we checked out of our Napier hotel to hit the beachfront and head __km south to Havelock North and our next farm. The route was straightforward enough, but Christian was still having derailleur issues and we had scouted a handy bike fix-it station along the boardwalk

Bike repair stand in Napier, New Zealand located near the boardwalk.

If only every bike trail in every country had one of these!

…so spent about an hour there revisiting our knowledge of rear and front adjustment screws and cable tension whatsits. And by “we”, I mean I sat in the shade, Christian fiddled and got frustrated and then we worked together as the great team we are (my job was to play with the gears and give sage advice while Christian did the dirty work), and eventually it all seemed to be aligned enough to hit the trail.

With the beautiful blue Tasman ocean on our left and the outskirts of Napier on our right, we cycled along a perfectly flat path, two by two in engaged bliss.

After about 25 km which went by faster than most 25kms do, we then headed into farm and river lands, still completely off the main road and with signs promising ice cream in Clive ahead. We had to stop and were treated to our first taste (I know: I can’t believe I made it that long without ice cream!) of New Zealand’s specialty real fruit soft serve. They have these cool machines here where they mix the ice cream and fruit together and it comes out deliciously creamy and fruity and divine. We don’t have pictures unfortunately, but I’ll just use that as an excuse to get some more at the next ice cream stop we see.

From Clive, we headed along the Tuki Tuki Rover and into apple land: rows and rows of apple orchards for as far as the eye could see. No apples on the trees this time of year, but it was quite the operation to see. We then hit the most picturesque of landscapes (still flat and off road), and I feel like we are either in Tuscany all of a sudden or we’ve just hit a very special New Zealand microclimate.


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