November 2016


Speak, Friend, and Enter

While the story of Middle Earth can be more or less neatly superimposed over the geography of the United Kingdom, New Zealand boasts the actual geography used in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the Lord of the Rings books and his rather needlessly overextended version of The Hobbit. And what would a trip through New Zealand be without […]

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The Sun Also Rises Over Cathedral Cove

We had promised ourselves we would get up for the sun rise at Cathedral Cove. The alarm was set for 5:55, the instant coffee granules laid out in their cups and the water was ready in the kettle to be boiled on the gas. In New Zealand, the birds start singing hours before sunrise so […]

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Of Turquoise Beaches: The Coromandel

So the only thing that I knew about the Coromandel Peninsula before we arrived was that it was a coveted vacation spot for people entering radio contests. Three different radio stations had offered a weekend away in the Coromandel, and we weren’t even listening to the radio very often. I guess it does have an […]

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Tamaki Makaurau – The Place Desired By Many

Auckland is pretty big, especially by New Zealand standards. While Wellington is the political capital of New Zealand, Auckland has it beat in size, population and population density. I mean, Auckland’s got three times as many people as the next largest city, and almost four times the population of the third largest city. But the […]

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The Gentle Giants of Waipoua

As we continued our journey southward, the landscape began to change dramatically. New Zealand, as we’ve mentioned countless times already, is a true feast for the eyes. After the sand dune surfing we made an attempt to get to the west coast to see the infamous Ninety Mile Beach, but the stipulations of our camper […]

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Surf’s Up at Te Paki

A quick note before today’s post: Just after midnight on November 14th, the town of Kaikoura in South Island experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. While the intensity was significantly higher than the 6.3-level earthquake that rocked Christchurch in 2011, thankfully the distance from the epicentre meant that there were fewer injuries and less damage than the […]

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Te Rerenga Wahua

As promised, a post on Cape Reinga. After our gallivanting on the beach (and then both Facetiming our parents and filling up the van with fresh water), it was already 3pm by the time we set off north to Cape Reinga, the north tip of New Zealand and the main objective of our road trip. […]

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In New Zealand, “scenic” is an understatement.

The Northlands of New Zealand are consantly taking our breath away, and it has been a very different experience cruising through meadows and sheep farms and forests and along spectacular coastal routes and up high into mountain passes, all without worrying about road conditions or trucks or how long anything is going to take. Because […]

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