October 2016


When the going gets tough, the tough get going

We have a lot to catch you up on! It seems like years ago and our memories of each detail are already fading so we are going to be brief and media-heavy with the next couple of posts. I’m sure you’ll be OK with that. So, we have cut south to the coast, we have […]

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Bike Crews and Mountain Views

Tatsuya had done some cycle touring himself and had a pretty good sense of the areas that would be ideal. We explained that we had been staying at michi-no-eki stops when it seemed appropriate and he mentioned that the Minobu township to the south had a nice stop. We set out for more biking. Another […]

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Quick Shikoku Update and a Milestone!

That’s 2000 kilometers of beard on that face.

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The Kindness of Strangers

After leaving the farm, we set our bearings to take us south. This marked a bit of a turning point for the trip – we had been heading along the Sea of Japan for most of the journey through Honshu and it was time to make our way south to see Fujisan. The trip out […]

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Tsumura Farm Stay

When we planned this year-long, sort-of-around-the-world voyage, we wanted a big part of that to be connecting with people and learning about farming. Months and months ago, we purchased a Japan Wwoofing membership, and if you aren’t familiar with Wwoofing yet- you should be! We get pretty amusing looks when we tell people we are […]

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