Through the Heart of Kansai: Osaka

October 25, 2016

After a nice sleep in and taking advantage of late check out from the love hotel, we were off to Osaka. Attempting to navigate our way along bike paths and rivers, the route we found was mostly flat and off any major roads. Sometimes the bike paths would abruptly stop and we’d be back in traffic, and one time we had to push our bikes up stairs to get off the river bank and back to the road but after a long afternoon in the heat, Osaka and its towering skyline beckoned us.

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Osaka is Japan’s second largest metropolitan area (to Tokyo of course, which we had been more than happy to avoid) and the biking in the city itself was not as bad as we had expected. So many people bike in Osaka and “mamacharis” are everywhere (big cruiser bikes often equipped with every possible accessory from baby seats front and back to umbrella holders to giant baskets) so we fit in just fine (well, not really). Biking on the sidewalks of Osaka consists of diving in and out of pedestrians and other oncoming cyclists, constantly keeping you on your toes to avoid collision. Stressful for me, but totally unphasing for the Osakan commuters streaming everywhere.

We were very excited to get to Osaka to visit an old friend of Christian’s from Himeji. Timmy and his awesome girlfriend Seiko were beacons of hospitality for us and we ended up probably overstaying our welcome because we were having so much fun with them. We spent two days total being tourists by day (wandering the crazy streets, people watching and checking out the world’s highest escalator in the Umeda building). We were also worried about another typhoon hitting and got to see some pretty epic clouds while narrowly avoiding any major storms or high winds. Here’s a little taste:

By night, we got to hang out with Timmy (and Seiko when she got back from work late) at their beautiful penthouse apartment: making dinner, laughing a lot, drinking lots of chu-hi and enjoying their awesome company. Thanks for a great stay you two!


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Next stop: Kobe and Himeji



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